"We aim to be the most sustainable shaving company, producing premium shaving accessories and the most sustainable razor blades in the market."

PERFORMANCE without Compromise

Whether you choose to shave or trim, My-Blades provides sustainable, premium blades that will leave your skin refreshingly soft. After years of research, we have developed the world's first sustainable razor blades made of up to 80% recycled materials. Epic, right?

Our carefully considered materials, sourced from all over the world, all have unique and exciting stories to tell. Each of our revolutionary blades could have begun their journey in a unique and vibrant way—who knows? You could be shaving with part of a fighter jet, a rocket that’s been to space, or any other premium products that have been repurposed to give you the smoothest shave of your life.


Traditionally, shaving with double-edge razors is considered environmentally friendly. When beginning our journey, we searched the market for razor blades that matched these values but couldn’t find any. So, we made our own.

Zero Waste and Becoming Plastic-Free 

We took the opportunity to remove plastic from our packaging where possible. We can happily report that all the plastic used in our products has either been 100% recycled or will be compensated with the help of Plastic Bank by taking the equivalent amount of plastic we used out of the ocean to maintain a healthy ecosystem. 


By teaming up with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re helping them fight against deforestation. We will plant a tree for every product sold. Deforestation causes significant damage to the environment and generates about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We know a single tree doesn’t change the world overnight, but we’re slowly making the world a greener place—one tree at a time.

Our small brand might be young in years, but at My-Blades, we’re on a mission, and we’re super passionate about what we do. 

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