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A new standard for Blades

Working with one of the last remaining family-owned razor blade manufacturers, we are proud to have crafted the world's first sustainable razor blades, where we use up to 80% recycled materials.

The blades are skillfully sharpened and refined with a special platinum coating.

As a result, our blades give you the clean, gentle shave you have always dreamed of, leaving your face spotless and smooth without razor burns. 

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OUR Razor Head

Why choose one when you can have both without compromise? To give you both the advantages of an open comb and a closed comb within one shave, we have developed our unique 2-in-1 razor head. 

You can now enjoy a closed comb shave for your daily routine without missing out on an open comb for maintaining a longer beard, sharp contours, and body hair. 

To protect your best parts and prevent unwanted cuts under your nose or ears, we have closed the sides so no razor blade will stick out. 

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Triple blade Razor

We have also upgraded your standard razor cartridges by incorporating our special blades.

The three blades are sharpened, platinum-coated, and individually spring-loaded for a unique shaving experience. Cartridges are compatible with the Gillette Mach3 System.

And yes, we know cartridges are made out of plastic, but this is for hygienic reasons, which is why we have pledged to compensate the amount of plastic used by removing the same amount out of the ocean.   

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