Carving knife

  • Hand-sharpened blade  
  • German special steel
  • Real rosewood handle 
  • Perfect weight 
  • Balanced 

The Knife

Whether beef, chicken or lamb, whether raw, cooked or roasted: With a meat knife you can cut or carve any meat effortlessly. The knife has a slightly curved, pointed blade that is 20 centimeters long.

This length is optimal for gliding through the thickest roasts without much resistance. Best of all, meat knives cut so precisely that they cut cleanly through the fine fibres and retain the valuable meat juices. Our meat knives are precisely ground by hand, which not only makes them very sharp, but also ensures they last a long time.

By the way: meat knives are also excellent for preparing fish.



By teaming up with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re helping them fight against deforestation. We will plant a tree for every product sold.