Triple Blade Razor Blades - 16pcs

€23 €26
  • Sustainable blades (80% recycled)
  • Teflon and platinum coated
  • Compatible with Gillette Mach3 products*.

The Blades 

The My-Blades shaver for men features 3 cautiously coated blades, which guarantee a smooth and eco-friendly shave.

Additionally, the shaver head features moisture strips for optimal gliding to prevent skin irritation. The integrated skin protection foils stretch the skin and position the hairs to make it easier for the blades to pass through.

* Gillette and Mach 3 are registered trademarks of The Gillette Company LLC, which have not produced, financed, or licensed this product.



By teaming up with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re helping them fight against deforestation. We will plant a tree for every product sold.